Property Management

Our company specialized in property Leasing services, property management, Mortgage Service, Buy and Sell Property and property valuation.

OUR BUSINESS is to provide complete and comprehensive property services and solutions achieved through the following core business activities known as the 6 P’s:

  • Property Marketing
  • Property Management
  • Property Advisory
  • Property Investment
  • Property Development
  • Property Maintenance

The significance of effectual marketing for today’s residential, commercial or retail properties cannot be underestimated. Because the right talent and skills will guarantee making the most of the multi-channeled marketing landscapes.

Address Point Properties has appointed a highly specialized marketing team with a vast knowledge in all outbound and inbound marketing techniques. Based on experience and insight obtained from in-depth research, the marketing team understands exactly what customers look for, and then work on how these customers will find it.

Address Point Properties offers services designed to promote the properties of developers, sellers and landlords. By creating a powerful identity for our clients’ property and maximizing its exposure, the marketing team forms a system that generates high demand and incessant feedback. In addition, we allocate prospects to the correct path, ensuring to nurture leads and drive them from the awareness stage to the contract stage. Our methodology is to use all marketing tools required and produce a hierarchy that identifies top buyers and tenants of a property, based on factors such as price and need. The marketing department has bespoke packages to meet our clients’ individual needs. Our services comprise of professional website development, property photography, floor plans, virtual tours and videos, in addition to graphic design for online and printed material such as customized brochures. We are adaptable and imaginative, and will secure differentiating each property from the other. Furthermore, the marketing department has a team specialized in advertising properties in more than fifty portals and company websites.

Address Point Properties has a centralized property management department, which manages residential, commercial and industrial properties on behalf of owners to preserve the value of their property and allow income generation. The Property Management department covers the below services:


Address Point Properties provides solutions for landlords; though owning a property is a successful investment, it can be a stressful one since the life-cycle of the property needs to be managed regularly. Our main purpose is to offer a hassle-free investment and manage your property like we would manage our own by increasing your property’s value and maintaining its protection both physically and financially.

Express Moving-in & out Management

Whether the landlord owns a residential or a commercial property, and resides in the UAE or abroad our express moving in & out management product would be their ideal service. Address Point Properties manages the whole moving process, from the moving out of old tenants to finding new tenants through the right advertising channels. We ensure a smooth flow of the moving in and out of tenants by handling all needed documents and contracts, collecting the rents and transferring them to the landlords’ account. The services are provided using our effective lease and property management services.

Handover/Takeover Service

Address Point Properties has a dedicated handover team committed to receiving properties from developers or sellers and handing it over to buyers after ensuring that all client requirements are met. Address Point Properties presents a wide range of handover services, which are closely tied to and supported by snagging services of the maintenance team. We will be responsible of arranging initial inspections, all the in-between work of moving-in, up until handing over the keys to our clients. Our aim is to create a hassle and stress-free handover process and protect our clients’ interests.

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